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DWR Plans Checkpoints for Upcoming Hunting Seasons

With the onset of the hunting seasons, the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is planning a number of administrative checkpoints from August through November.

Checkpoints, once called roadblocks, provide the means for contacting hunters along the state's roads and highways.

Sportsmen can expect to encounter one or more of these checkpoints as they fish and hunt this fall.

Checkpoints provide the DWR with the opportunity to monitor compliance with hunting and fishing regulations. They can serve as deterrents to would-be violators and give officers the opportunity to apprehend criminals.

In such cases, citations can be written, illegally-taken game can be seized, and arrests can be made.

Checkpoints provide another important function. They allow biologists to collect health and population data for game species.

In recent years, chronic wasting disease (CWD) has been detected in Utah. Biologists will be sampling harvested big game for the presence of this disease, which can be fatal to members of the deer family.

In addition to CWD monitoring, biologists need to assess the overall condition of harvested animals.

The DWR appreciates the cooperation and patience of motorists who encounter these checkpoints.

Checkpoints are essential for the successful accomplishment of our mission to protect and conserve Utah's wildlife for the benefit of Utah's citizens.

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