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Carbon High football faces tough feat in 51-6 loss to San Juan Broncos

Sun Advocate reporter

Carbon High and North Sanpete football players try to tackle each other in a game last year.

The first game of the season for Carbon High football did not turn out as many had hoped and couldn't have turned out any worse for Carbon players and fans.

San Juan seemed to completely dominate the football field on Friday night, winning the game by a landslide 51-6, and sending Carbon home with a devastating first loss of the season.

The Dinos couldn't seem to get past the Broncos' offensive line which seemed to dominate the team's first game last Friday.

San Juan had no problem with defense or offense and certainly didn't have a problem with scoring in Friday's game.

San Juan's Marley Haws scored twice on his own during the game, while Bronco Jens Wilson also helped out San Juan with a long touchdown run.

The start of the season is always a difficult time for a team and to a team with such a large sophomore and junior base as this year's, it might take some time to get some experience behind them and get into good enough shape to start bringing home some wins for Carbon High.

"We just had one bad day where things went wrong," said Carbon High's football coach, Lane Herrick, about the loss.

Coach Herrick seems optimistic of what is to come for the Carbon football team and believes that all the team needs is a little time to get in better shape.

"We're young but we're gonna be good," Herrick said about Carbon High's new team. "The team feels good. We're going to be competitive."

With the season just starting, Carbon's record is just 0-1, which means it can go either way from this point on.

"Losing in the first game of the season isn't important," Herrick said.

Herrick also said that the loss will in no way be a forecast of what is to come of the 2005 football season at Carbon High.

Carbon High still has a long season ahead of them and should have no problem finding a way to redeem themselves from the slow season start that they have had.

Maybe they will start redeeming themselves in their next game tomorrow night at Uintah. Whatever happens in the end, it is sure to be an exciting and action-packed game.

The first home game of the 2005 season is not until Friday, September 2. This game will see Union coming to Carbon in what is sure to be a great game for all of those fans in attendance.

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