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Candidates for local cities named after Monday deadline

Sun Advocate reporter

Candidates running for October and November's elections have been compiled after meeting their Monday deadline to have their declaration of candidacy filed in each city.

Betty Wheeler's, Jeanne McEvoy's and Mae Aguayo's seats are all up for election on the Price city council. Only McEvoy will be running for re-election as a Price city councilmember. Councilmember Wheeler will be moving up to being a candidate in the mayoral race.

Jeff Nielson, Don Reaveley and Edwin Shook are running for the available two-year position on the Price city council.

Two positions are open for the four year term of council member for Price. Candidates that will be voted on during the primary election in October will be McEvoy, Rick Davis, Jay Marshall, John Kit Pappas and Kathy Hanna Smith.

The four candidates receiving the highest number of votes in the primary election will move to the general election in November. The two candidates receiving the highest amount of votes during this election will take occupancy of the two vacant offices in January.

Also up for re-election for Price this year is the position of mayor. Joe Piccolo is running as the incumbent. Councilmember Wheeler along with Patricia Colosimo will be running against him in the primary in October. The two candidates with the most votes will move to the general election in November. The winning candidate will take office Jan. 6, 2006.

Wellington city mayor, Karl Houskeeper is running for re-election. He is going uncontested in the election.

Two councilmember positions in Wellington are also up for re-election. Current councilmembers Ed Chavez Jr. and Johnny Pappas are both up for re-election for the two four-year positions available and are also the only two candidates running for the positions.

In Sunnyside, three councilmember positions are open. The three councilmembers whose terms are up are Eugene Vernon, Tony Riffle and Douglas Parsons. All are running for re-election for next year along with Michael Marquez and Nick DeGiulio.

The position of Sunnyside mayor is going uncontested in the mayoral race this year. Current Sunnyside mayor, Bruce Andrews will be running for re-election with no one running against him in the race.

There will be two openings for the Helper City Council. Tony Gonzales' and Robert Welch's terms are both up, neither are running for re-election. Jeremy Lemp, Gene Carlson, Jason Llewelyn, Dave Armstrong, Marie Davidson, Dave Dornan and John Jones are running for the two available positions on the council.

Current Helper city mayor, Joe Bonacci opted out of running for re-election this year. Mike Delpaz and Chuck Buchanan are running against each other for the available position of Helper Mayor.

In East Carbon, Darlene Kunz's and Joyce Caviness' terms as city council members are up. Both will be running for re-election, while Berl Holt and Lloyd Lowe are also running for the two available positions on the council.

Dale Andrews will be running as the incumbent in the mayoral race for East Carbon City. David Fryer, Michael Royall and Orlando La Fontaine are also running against Andrews for the East Carbon City mayoral position.

Primary Elections are on Tuesday, October 4. General Elections will take place on Tuesday, November 8.

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