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Letter to the Editor: Should protest the war


My heart and soul totally empathizes with the angry, bitter mother who's son was recently killed in Iraq who is now picketing at Bush's Texas ranch demanding that Bush account for and justify why her son and the 1,850 plus other Americans have died untimely deaths in Iraq.

Moreover, what further perplexes me is why she is the only mother or wife of the American dead in Iraq who has dared to question Bush publicly on this matter. Where are the other mothers and wives of these causualties who just sit by quietly without so much as a murmur? Why do they just survive silently in their never ending grief and misery?

If my son was killed in Iraq while Bush is vacationing at his luxurious Texas ranch, I would be protesting publicly and vociferously against Bush's Iraq war.

What we need are mass public protests, just like during the Vietnam war, calling for the immediate withdrawal of American troops and the immediate resignation of this multi-millionaire posing as our president.

He has already caused enough deaths and debt to last America for a hundred years.

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