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Spring fever spreads throughout the county as the youth baseball season begins

Gearing up is all in a days work for this youth league catcher as he discusses strategies with a fellow teammate. This past weekend marked the beginning of little league baseball for children throughout the county. Every community from East Carbon to Helper and everywhere in between, supported the children as they ran out onto the field as parents looked on with intensity as the season officially kicked off. Baseball is truly a favorite pastime for many in Carbon County.

This past weekend marked the beginning of the youth baseball season. Children from across the county suited up to begin playing the game that has become America's favorite pastime.

To kick things off, teams lined up and paraded down city streets announcing the beginning of the season. Following the parade, athletes hit the field to begin the sport which consumes much of the spring and summer seasons.

Although the season is only beginning, the crowds were jammed packed with supporters cheering on the youth of the community. The children, who wore smiles throughout most of the game, answered the crowd with excitement and action.

Determination and enjoyment also graced the faces of all who participated. For many, the chance to play ball is the opportunity of a lifetime that will remain with the child for life.

The smell of hot dogs and the sound of a cracking bat will now litter the air in Carbon County as youth across the area compete against one another.

Each Saturday, ball parks around the county will host the excitement of the legendary sport played by those who love it most, the children.

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