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Letter to the Editor: Movie at SLC Library

Salt Lake City


This evening, at the Main SLC library a movie was shown titled "The Self-made Man." The emotional issue involved is the right to die, or euthanasia. Here are my thoughts on the issue.

The right to life is a right to ownership. It includes the right to defend that life and to organize with others for that defense. It also includes the right to decide for which cause or causes one will risk or sacrifice that life. The logical conclusion is that it includes the right to decide how to live and how to die. How can we recognize a person's right to join the military and choose to risk their life for their country, if we are not also willing to recognize their right to do as they will with their own body. And, that includes pleasures that shorten life, such as laziness, overeating, alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and SCUBA diving. Yes, you have the right to sell your body for used parts. Yes, you have the right to donate your life to a Satanic cult for human sacrifice. Or, should the law have stopped Jesus? If choosing to allow your life to be taken is a sin, then Jesus was not sinless. Sorry, Jesus cannot be used to argue against euthanasia. The Founders said the right to life is "unalienable." That means "no infringements." It means mercy killing must remain a personal choice.

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