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All-star Babe Ruth team wins divisionals, heads to state

Sports Writer

With a lot of hard work and determination, the Carbon All-star Babe Ruth team won the divisional championship and is working toward winning the state tournament.

The Carbon All-star Babe Ruth team played in Vernal on July 11 through 13 where they took the divisional championship.

The first two games on Monday were for seeding purposes. Carbon went up against the Vernal team, and came out of it with their only loss of the tournament, 7-4. Since it was a seeding game, the loss didn't count for Carbon, leaving them undefeated.

Carbon then went on to completely slaughter the Roosevelt team, 15-0, and building up Carbon's confidence for the rest of the tournament.

Tuesday brought two more games for Carbon. They went up against Roosevelt and won, 6-5.

They then went up against Vernal and with a 13-5 win, regained some confidence after the previous loss against the team.

Wednesday brought the final day of competition for Carbon's Babe Ruth team. Carbon came up against Vernal for the last time on the final day of the tournament in a game that turned out to be the most intense of the tournament.

It really started to get interesting in the fifth inning when the score was tied at 1-1 with bases loaded. Carbon's Max Misner came up to bat and hit a deep line drive to center-field, hitting the fence and bringing home three players, but stranding himself on second.

This brought Carbon into the lead, 4-1. Neither team scored runs in the sixth or seventh inning, leaving Carbon in the lead for the win.

This win gave Carbon the divisional championship title, preparing them for the state tournament in Richfield on Saturday.

On Saturday, Carbon took on the Hunter/Cyprus team, winning 8-5, and giving them the chance to move on against Richfield on Monday.

Still undefeated in game play, Carbon went up against Richfield on Monday, losing their first game of the tournament, 18-11.

Carbon still has a chance and will continue playing the rest of this week in the state tournament.

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