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Letter to the Editor: Community spirit



Community Days have come and gone but, some lasting impressions will always stay with me. Reunions, family and friends. These things are everlasting.

As I sat in the pavilion watching people, I noticed hugging, laughing and some sad farewells for East Carbon High School. They were selling T-shirts which had the dates 1960-2005. People speculated about the fate of the building and the fate of our small towns.

What I enjoyed more than anything was listening to the people tell their own stories about ECHS. I was able to meet a cousin, Lynn Carlson, who was the first student body president and Don Butler, who received locker number one and received the very first student ID card. The school may be gone but the memories will live on in old pictures, new pictures and the wonderful stories heard by all.

The young people need to listen to these stories and write them down. Tomorrow comes too quickly and our yesterday's must be cherished.

I will remember.

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