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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

So where was everyone last Tuesday night?

Carbon Recreation offered free community bike rides on the first Tuesday of each month. I am supposed to lead them. I have had several people come up and ask me about them. Ok, the first Tuesday in June was windy and a bit cool. But last Tuesday night was ideal bike riding weather. No one showed up.

I have to ask the same question about the attendance at the Culture Connection as well. I have not attended this year, but have attended many in the past. This is free and we have had some pretty good local (and beyond local) talent perform. Depending on the show, maybe 20 to 30 people show up. There are so many more people that make up our county I have to wonder where they are.

I know that nowadays everyone seems so busy. But I often too hear from people that say there is nothing to do here. There is really so much to do. We have just celebrated the Greek Festival and East Carbon/Sunnyside Daze and have International Days coming soon.

Wellington will have its Pioneer Days over the July 24 weekend and the Helper Arts Festival is also on the horizon.

Emery County isn't lacking activities either. We can't forget Heritage Days, Melon Days Peach Days and the Castle Valley Pageant.

I missed the Demolition Derby but that is a great event for a good cause. We have car racing, gun clubs, and many other activities. Carbon County Recreation still has many events coming up. The Emery County Biking Group, MECCA, has rides planned throughout the year.

I'm sure I'm missing groups. There are 4-H and Boy Scouts, four wheeler and motocross groups. Yes, some of these take money to be involved with or to attend. Some are free. All take a time commitment and the willingness to just do it.

So, if any of you are sitting in front of the TV hoping that "Big Brother 6" will save your summer, at least stop complaining about there being nothing to do.

Myself, I will be taking a class on Thursday nights. When it is over I'm sure I will catch at least one free performance at the Culture Connection.

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