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Letter to the Editor: What is status of road?



For a nice Sunday outing, drive up Coal Creek Road and see how your taxes are being used.

For a number of years the Carbon County Road Department has maintained, widened, graveled and spent a lot of tax dollars on my property. I have tried to stop it by erecting a gate on my property boundary. However, the county tore down the gate, took my chain and severely reprimanded me for putting a gate across a county road. The commission has indicated that this is a Class B road. However, there is another locked gate across the same road farther up, allowing no access except to those who have a key.

If the county has deemed this to be a Class B road to the old mine that is located about two miles past my property boundary, then there should be public access all the way to the mine.

I just wonder why it is okay for one private property owner to block a select portion of that road and not another?

I propose that if indeed this is a Class B road, then all locked gates should be removed to allow access to the old mine.

I find it interesting that Consumers Road, which is a Class B road, is not receiving the required maintenance it deserves, compared to the use by the general public the mining company and the gas field traffic which occurs on this road, versus the maintenance being conducted on a dead end, gated road.

At a recent commission meeting the audience was polled as to whether or not anyone had used this access. A number of people with access through the gate stated they had used the road and the access. However, does the fact that five people holding a key to the gate determine that the road is accessible to the public the entire length?

The commission voted that my gate should come down while the other gate stays up. The road is being maintained by tax dollars yet it ends at the other gate. I am for the public and I suggest that the road be accessible its entire length up to the mine.

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