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Letter to the Editor: Community spirit



It was brought to my attention by Mr. and Mrs. Steven Tanner and I also witnessed myself several weekends ago, that members of the local stock car racing association rolled up their sleeves and cleaned up the sides of the road of the Carbon County Airport Road. I also understand they do a clean up each weekend that stock car racing takes place and do it because they want to make a good impression to those visiting the area and for those attending the ever popular event of stock car racing.

I would like you to bring to the attention of those doing this work that we have noticed and that others in the community have seen these efforts as well.

I know that the races bring many people to the area by offering a quality facility and event and by the extensive promotion that they do to bring spectators and participants to our area of Castle Country.

Their efforts to clean up the road as well is just another demonstration of what community spirit can do.

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