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Repairs slated for Scofield Dam by Bureau of Reclamation

The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) will begin rebuilding the spillway at Scofield Dam this coming fall.

The road across the dam will also be renovated. Construction will continue into the summer of 2006. The end result will be a safer spillway structure and improved traffic flow.

This past winter, BOR dam safety inspectors found cracks in the spillway which could possibly erode the face of the dam during emergency spilling. In the interest of public safety, the BOR called for spillway renovation.

The construction project will be awarded to a private contractor, who will work under the supervision of the BOR.

In preparation, the BOR tested the outlet structure in June to determine how much water could be passed. With gates open 100 percent, 445 cubic feet of water per second races through the shaft, emptying into lower Fish Creek. This rate of flow is expected to be sufficient for draining excess water from the reservoir during spillway construction.

Bob Davis, Scofield Dam Master, plans to limit the reservoir's storage capacity at or below elevation 7628 feet (about 2 feet below the spillway) this summer.

By fall, the water level will have dropped sufficiently for construction to begin. Until completion, the reservoir will be held at a lower than normal capacity.

The fisheries resource is not expected to suffer from reconstruction. Scofield Reservoir ranks among the top three family fisheries in the state.

It owes its popularity to the fact that shoreline anglers can often enjoy the same catch rate as boaters. The only exception occurs during the heat of summer, when fish retreat from the banks into deeper, colder water.

The best time to fish Scofield is in spring, just after ice-off; or late in the fall, prior to freezing. Winter offers good fishing too.

A broad range of baits, lures, and fly patterns work well. Nightcrawlers and Powerbait top the list for bait casters. The Jake's Spin-a-Lure takes the number one spot for best all-around lure.

Fly fishermen rely on leech patterns more than any other.

For current information on fishing tips and tackle for Scofield Reservoir, visit the Division of Wildlife Resources website at: Click on "fishing," then "Weekly Fishing Report." The report on Scofield Reservoir is found in the Southeastern Region section.

For other information or questions, please call the Price DWR office at: 435-636-0260.

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