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Letter to the Editor: Come together

Seattle, Wash.


The Republican party claims to be fiscally conservative yet they display the characteristics of an ignorant spendthrift.

According to the Globe and Mail of Canada, our trade deficit for April was $56 billion, up 12 percent from last year at this time. It is up 8 percent with Canada.

An antithesis of GOP core values.

Running our national debt (according to Tampa Bay News) to $7.5 trillion after receiving a $500 billion surplus some years ago.

An antithesis of GOP care values.

Illegally invading Iraq for reasons supported by lies and deception. Amnesty International makes the argument that Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are war criminals.

An antithesis of American values.

The unctuous Bush-cabal is trying to consolidate power. They need to be stopped.

Whether you are an Independent, Democrat, Green, or Republican, we must come together to defeat this corporate-government power structure. Our government works best when neither party has complete control.

I pray we can come together as Americans in 2006 and return our country to the path of peace and prosperity through shared power in the government.

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