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Price fire department personnel respond to roadside blaze on Hospital Drive

A fire started for unknown reasons Sunday afternoon in the berm between U.S. Highway 6 and Hospital Drive. When fire crews arrived, they were able to extinguish flames quickly.

This fire is a reminder that as weather continues to warm up, the level of fire hazards will rise as well.

A wet spring has led to above-normal growth of vegetation. Many of the quick-growing grasses and weeds will dry out quickly and create a quick-burning tinder that will ignite easily.

An act as simple as throwing a cigarette butt out of a car window could have far reaching and long lasting effects.

With these conditions, all Carbon County residents are reminded to be especially careful as they celebrate holidays this weekend and throughout the year. The Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, cities and counties all have established policies regarding burning.

Fireworks, especially those brought into this state illegally, can ignite the dry undergrowth. Those that travel into more remote areas are urged to be particularly careful with their campfires and barbecues.

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