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Letter to the Editor: Wrapped in bible and flag

N. Little Rock, AR


Have we lost our minds? Are we, as a people, no long capable of recognizing con men? After WMD's in Iraq, the "crisis" in Social Security, and now our courts can't function because the senate won't confirm a dozen nuts as federal judges, haven't we grown tired of slick politicians trying to sell us the Brooklyn Bridge?

The media blame Christian conservatives for electing men to the positions they now abuse, but I don't think it is our fault. We've read Matthew 7:13-20. And none of us, having read those words can ignore the Bush and Cheney deceptions that resulted in the Iraqi war. We know the extent of human misery caused by this administration's unprovoked attack on Iraq and we can see by that fruit this administration's character.

As for Bill Frist, it is plain for all to see that he simply does not have the requisite skills to lead the senate (admittedly a task similar to herding cats). That lack of skill is sad and perhaps embarrassing for Frist, but there is no shame to having risen above one's abilities. There is shame, however, in his response to his frustration. He proposes to spitefully destroy one of the senate's centuries-old traditions, one that protects a large minority from tyranny by a small majority. Mr. Frist portrays himself as a committed Christian. One wonders if Mr. Frist has read his Bible, in particular, Matthew 22:34-40 and Luke 15:1-32. Whether we agree or not with our neighbor's point of view, where is the authority to destroy him?

Committed Christians are not at fault for the misdeeds and mistakes of Bush, Cheney and Frist. That politicians will rush to wrap themselves in the cloak of our Lord Jesus or wrap themselves in the flag is well-known to every American. Those acts have often been referred to as "the last refuges of scoundrels". It seems to me that most Christians pray those words will be prophetic.

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