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Letter to the Editor: Think for themselves

Salt Lake City


I am a coauthor of a scientific paper that proves marijuana has medical value. You can look it up (The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Vol. 291; pages 31-38, 1999). The government has access to this evidence. They are lying. There is much more evidence that marijuana is a useful medicine. than there will ever be evident that Iraq had weapons of mass destructiom.

If I had been on the Court, I would have said, "If there is any conflict between federal law, and the federal Constitution, the Constitution shall prevail. Specifically, this law violates the 10th amendment which forbids the federal government from doing anything for which it has no constitutional authorization. Since the 21st amendment ended the federal government's authority to prohibit any substance, and since Article I Section 8 gives no authority to congress to make laws concerning medical therapy, all federal laws concerning medical marijuana was null and void.

That's what the court should have said. That's what the people must demand. According to the Declaration of Indpendendence, when the government oversteps its Constitutional boundaries, it is the right and the duty of the people to fix the government. Remember, the Supreme Court is part of the Federal Government. It is not a third, nonfederal entity. It is not God. We, the people, are over the government. That's one of the self-evident truths of the Declaration, and it's in the Preamble to the Constitution as well. We are responsible. Our government is wasting away our sacred Constitution. If we do nothing, it will get worse.

Twice, I chaired a petition effort to put the legalization of medical marijuana on the Utah ballot. I believe if we could get the signatures, we would get the votes.

Now, it is the duty of all the state governments to tell the Feds the truth. If they want to prohibit marijuana, they must first get permission from the states, in the form of an amendment, like they had to before they could prohibit alcohol. Let's tell our government they have to play by our rules. Who is truly in charge here?

All just power comes from the people, (T. Jefferson, Declaration of Independence). It's time for millions of modern day Paul Reveres to sound the alarm, "The tyrants are coming, the tyrants are coming!"

Everyone should get a chance to read these words and think for themselves.

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