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Letter to the Editor: Enough is enough?

East Carbon


Foul or Fair?

Many in the county may ask why some people keep talking or writing about the closure of East Carbon High. They say enough is enough. Not so, I think that the residents of East Carbon were dealt a rotten hand with the closure of the high school.

How many of us remember the children's story of "The little boy who cried wolf?" That is the way I feel about what the school board did to us.

Since I was a student at East Carbon High in 1969, there has been rumors, talks, and meetings, to close East Carbon High. This time in April 2005, they finally cried "wolf for the last time", and now they are going to close the school.

When the board met with the residents in Helper to discuss the possibility of closure, they had ample time to sway the needed number of board members to keep their school open. When they came out to East Carbon on Wednesday night they then met on Thursday and voted to close the school.

I don't think that was ample time to try to present our case or reasons, for keeping the school open without emotions playing the largest role.

Foul or fair?

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