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Piccolo encourages city's citizens to conserve water

Sun Advocate publisher

In a letter that will be distributed to all water users within Price city's boundaries, Mayor Joe Piccolo urges residents to conserve water.

Water has been an ongoing problem in eastern Utah.

But with the lack of snow during the winter and less spring rains than normal, city and county government officials are looking ahead at another drought season.

In the mayor's message to the community, read at the Price City Council meeting last Wednesday, Piccolo stated the following.

"We are entering another irrigation season under serious drought conditions that are mirrored in most areas of Utah as well. If we are to have an adequate supply of water in late summer we must conserve now."

While nothing is mandatory as of yet, the mayor requested that people be responsible with their water use.

"At this time, I would like to ask you as customers for a voluntary restraint of outdoor watering between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m." he stated. "Also I would ask you to limit your watering to no more than two days weekly."

Experts indicate that, by reducing water usage in the designated ways, as much as a 15 percent reduction could happen, pointed out Piccolo.

"If we successfully use this rule, we may not have to adopt a water-rationing program for summer use," concluded the mayor.

State officials have recommended implementing several conservation measures across the state. The measures include:

•Checking all indoor and outdoor fixtures for leaks.

Replace damaged washers in faucets, tubs and showers.

•Operate dish and clothes washer to full capacity.

Avoid operating the appliances to clean small loads of clothing and dishes.

•Sweep driveways and sidewalks with brooms rather than hosing down with water to clean.

•Water lawns and landscapes only when needed. Overwatering results in shallow root systems, which hinders the survival of grass and plants when restrictions are enacted.

•Set sprinklers so the water hits grass and plants, not cement or barren ground. Avoid watering on windy days.

Additional information is available by contacting the division of water resources at 801-538-7254 or logging on the web at

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