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Mont Harmon Jr. High to stay in Castle Valley Activities Association

The Executive Board of the Castle Valley Activities Association has made some changes in its bylaws which will effectively keep Mont Harmon Jr. High School in the conference for at least the next school year.

Mont Harmon had previously been given permission by the Carbon Board of Education to decide for itself whether or not to continue its membership in the association. The executive board of the CVAA had taken a stand that Mont Harmon is either a member or it is not a member and if not a member will not be allowed to participate in any of the league activities.

The board, which includes principals from San Rafael, Canyon View, Mont Harmon and Helper, met June 6, at Canyon View Jr. High to discuss concerns voiced by Mont Harmon officials regarding restrictions on starting dates for athletic seasons. Todd Lauritsen, principal at Mont Harmon, told the administrators that his school would like to offer more students more opportunities by following the same starting dates for athletics as set by the Utah High School Activities Association. This, he said, would allow the school to pick up pre-season basketball games with schools of similar size and for the wrestling team to compete at the state junior high tournament as a culmination of the season.

Other members of the board, however, pointed out that while such alignment would work for Mont Harmon, the association's largest school, it would not work for the other schools since it would require the wrestling and basketball seasons to run concurrently. "We don't have the numbers nor the facilities at our schools to have these two sports going on at the same time," Larry Davis, principal of Canyon View Jr. High, said.

However, Mr. Davis asked the Mont Harmon representatives if they would be willing to compromise by accepting an open-ended starting date for all sports in exchange for adherence to the league's established 2005-06 activities schedule. After some debate, Mr. Davis made the following motion: "CVAA will waive all starting dates for all athletic seasons while requiring all member schools to follow the association's annual schedule." The motion was seconded by Mr. Lauritsen and supported by each school's principal.

With this change in the bylaws of the association, each school is now allowed to begin each athletic season when desired and to extend the season for as long as it desires. However, the board reiterated that the association still maintains a limit of 16 on the number of basketball games held during a season, not including CVAA tournament games.

According to the CVAA calendar for the 2005-06 school year, the first league football games and volleyball matches will be held Aug. 31. The conference football schedule ends Oct. 5. The volleyball tournament Oct. 18, will conclude the conference volleyball schedule. The first conference wrestling matches arc set for Nov. 3, with the conference tournament scheduled for Dec. 14, conference basketball games begin Jan. 10, and the conference varsity tournament is March 1.

For additional information, contact; Larry W. Davis 435.687-2265

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