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Letter to the Editor: Risk to health logic caused on demand

Castle Dale


I write in reply to Jerry Anderson's comment in the Sun Advocate May 17, 2005 wherein he questioned the abortion facts I quoted in an earlier issue. I am aware that some here in Utah are unfamiliar with the actual wording of the 1973 landmark Supreme Court ruling which legalized abortion in the U.S. It states: "A state is forbidden to prescribe an abortion if in the opinion of one licensed physician an abortion is deemed necessary to preserve the life or health of the woman." (Roe Vs. Wade)

Anyone who has worked on either side of the Isle (pro-life or pro-choice) knows that the words "risk to Health" are the key words which legalized all that had been raped and was pregnant. The logic of the Justices who voted to legalize abortion was if a woman who had mental stress due to rape could have an abortion because of that mental stress, then any other woman who had mental stress due to her pregnancy could also have an abortion (see Doe Vs. Bolton). Thus abortion on demand was born. If one checks the statistics here in Utah and across the U.S. they will find that roughly 95 percent of all abortions are done using therapeutic (health) as the cause listed for the abortion (see abortion statistics - Bureau of Vital Records).

In short the LDS official position of allowing abortions in the case of risk to health is a fruit which places all LDS members who uphold that position on the side of virtually every woman who has an abortion. Mr. Jerry Anderson is careful to state that members of the LDS church consider abortions to be a serious matter and it is true that a generation back the LDS opposed all abortions. However Mormons are catching on to the new doctrine and many now realize that those who have abortions in these cases do so with the allowance of their church leaders and all members who sustain them.

Catholic who have abortions do so in defiance of the churches 2000 year old, continuing opposition. Thus defying church leaders and the members who sustain them and are automatically excommunicated (latae sententiae, Cathechism 2272). Truly by their fruits ye shall know them.

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