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WAAIME Gives $3,000 in Scholarships

Norma Procarione and Gail Lafrentz present a WAAIME scholarship to Carson Pollastro.

The local Women's Auxiliary to the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers traveled to the department of mining engineering at the University of Utah's award banquet to present three $1,000 scholarships. Many residents of Carbon and Emery counties hold an interest in the mining industry, either directly or indirectly. The donations by community members to the fundraiser make these scholarships possible for us to give to dedicated and hard working students.

This year, WAAIME presented scholarships to Carson Pollastro, Jessica Wempen and Derrick Bradbury.

WAAIME representatives said that they considered the recipients to be a great asset to the industry and wish them luck in their studies.

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