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Letter to the Editor: Watch your garbage



I have to travel the Airport Road a few times every day and I wonder just what the VIP people think when they get off their nice jets and drive down the Airport Road to Price City and instead of seeing pretty countryside of which it could be, all they see is garbage that people lose on there way to the dump which looks better than the road. It's all because the ones that lose their loads are too lazy to stop and pick it up. You can't tell me that they do not know what their garbage looks like and if they lost it.

My family and I spend hours each week after the stock car races cleaning up the garbage at the track and out along the road on the outside of our fences and each time we go back out again there are beer bottles, pop containers and sacks of empty food wrappers thrown over our fences and along the road because they don't want to mess their cars up or get caught with an open container because they have been drinking and driving.

The Central Utah Stock Car Racing Association all got together and picked up trailers and truckloads of garbage off the Airport Road these last few weeks and every day since then you can see more tree limbs and garbage laying on the roads where people have lost it.

It would be a good idea to put cameras on top of the two hills on the way to the dump to catch a few of the ones that are breaking the law and make them clean up the whole road, not just what they lost. It makes me sad to think that people do not have the respect for other peoples property like they think other people should have for them.

Please help keep Carbon County and city of Price clean. It's something that all of us can be proud of when someone asks us where we are from.

For the 53 years I have lived in Carbon County I loved it and would never want to live anywhere else. Please remember this the next time you take a load to the garbage dump, and if you lose something stop and pick it up.

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