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Letter to the Editor: Stand up for the land



As a child when we went camping or fishing my parents always made my brothers and I clean up the camp, picnic or fishing areas including everyone else's trash that was left. That has always stuck with me.

Over the last 20 years we've lost access to a lot of places due to the inconsiderate people that have left their trash. Places such as Grassy Lake in East Carbon, most of San Rafael, places like Scofield, and many other lakes and streams. Now we have to walk to certain places, you can no longer park by certain lakes or streams to go fishing. My wife and I went up to Scofield below the dam to fish in the stream, it was full of trash, oil cans, old tires, beer bottles, cigarette butts, shopping bags and used condoms. It was disgusting. What is wrong with these people? Why can't people pick up after themselves?

Well the way I see it, we have groups of people like the Sierra Club taking access from us because of the people who dump trash, pollute rivers, streams and lakes, go off of designated trails and roads giving the environmentals more ammunition to use against us. We need to have youth groups with their parents go out for clean up days, teaching our youth to take care of our God givin country, this beautiful land that is ours. When we see someone throwing trash in the lakes, streams and rivers or destroying our land, get the license plate number from their vehicle, take a picture if you have a camera, then turn them and the pictures into the proper authorities.

We need to stand up and fight, giving every effort to stop the closure of our freedomsinthis God givin' country.

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