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Carbon softball still in for state championships

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Jenni Jones swings hard at a great pitch and is determined to go home with a homer in the game against North Sanpete on April 28.

The last several games for Carbon High softball haven't turned out quite as good as they hoped. Snow Canyon defeated Carbon 8-7 after eight innings last Saturday in the first round of this year's 3A softball playoffs. They redeemed themselves by defeating Ben Lomond 11-4, which threw them back into the playoffs in the lower bracket.

Before first round began, Carbon High had a series of stumbles and heartbreaking losses.

On Monday, April 18, the Dinos took on the Spanish Fork Dons. Neither team scored until the third inning, when Spanish Fork completed two runs. At the bottom of the inning, Carbon couldn't bring home any runners, leaving the Dons ahead 2-0.

At the top of the fourth inning, the Dons came out and scored two more runs, but the determined Dinos came into the bottom of the fourth ready and scored two runs. Spanish Fork still had the lead, 4-2.

Spanish Fork scored another run in the fifth inning holding on to their lead against Carbon. The Dinos completed one run at the bottom of the inning, but were still behind by two.

Carbon couldn't quite pull themselves out of the loss when the Dons scored another run in the top of the sixth. Despite Carbons determination and a homer by Morgan Warburton, Spanish Fork ended the game with a win, 6-3.

On Thursday, April 21, Carbon went up against Delta. Carbon didn't score until late in the game, finally completing two runs in the fourth inning. At the top of the fifth inning the score was 9-2. Carbon tried to redeem themselves in the sixth inning by scoring an amazing five runs, but Delta came back and scored another run in the bottom of the inning, bringing Delta's lead to 10-7.

On Tuesday, April 26, Carbon played against Lehi in another agonizing defeat. Carbon played hard, but couldn't bring any runners home. Lehi won 7-0.

Thursday, April 28 looked better for Carbon who went up against North Sanpete on home turf. The game looked good early on for the Dinos, who were given four runs in the first two innings by the North Sanpete pitcher.

At the top of the third inning, North Sanpete slowly edged their way back with two runs. Carbon didn't score any runs in the third, but still ended the inning with a lead of 4-2.

North Sanpete did even better in the fourth inning, scoring three more runs and bringing themselves into the lead, 5-4.

Neither team scored any runs in the fifth, but North Sanpete came back in the sixth scoring another run against the Dinos. Carbon couldn't pull themselves back into the lead after this and ended the game with a 6-4 win for North Sanpete.

Still determined to win after the last four losses, Carbon came out on top against Uintah on Wednesday, May 4.

Union started out early scoring a run in the first inning. They scored their second run in the fourth inning, while Carbon still lagged with no runs.

Carbon came out in the bottom of the sixth inning with the attitude to win, and completed three runs, bringing them ahead of Uintah 3-2.

Uintah was unable to bring themselves to completing any more runs after the Dinos pulled ahead, ending the game with a 3-2 win for Carbon.

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