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Letter to the Editor: Dedication pays off



I am a member of the CEU graduating Class of 2005. My story is somewhat different from others. Six years ago I moved to Price from Salt Lake City as a single parent when I was 21.

"What are you going to do?" my mother asked me. "In Price there are not a lot of jobs and you don't even have a car!"

I told her at the time that I was going to do whatever it takes.

In the fall of 2000 I started CEU taking only a few classes. I would walk with three kids and double stroller half an hour to 45 min. to the babysitter and then another half an hour to class and back again. Time depended on the weather, how enthusiastic we were to walk, and how many rocks my children wanted to pick up.

Walking was also a time to think and gave me extra study time. It also was a time to teach my kids to count to 100 and see how many times we could do it. Sometimes an angel would come by and give us a lift. It really helped in the extremes of temperature and weather. I kept persevering even though I had a rough time with attendance, the hardness of a class, facing myself, and raising my young children.

In 2002, I planned to graduate but it would not be. I was at the bottom. I did not properly plan financially so I withdrew from CEU. I needed to get a job. I worked for a year and half and learned more about my self-esteem, attitude and how to be a working mom. During this time I also got a good car and took my kids to Disneyland with an inheritance from my grandfather.

After the year and a half I was beside myself as what to do and I remembered my goals; one being a college education. I reapplied in the summer of 2004. Since then it has been amazing, not only did I get a break with having a car and having all my children potty-trained and in school helped . CEU's Student Support Services helped tremendously. In addition other students were so much friendlier this time around and I guess I was more open to friendliness as well.

A college degree can and cannot help you to get a job. For some it is only a pretty piece of paper. For me it is a paper that I have overcome many obstacles for and have reached my goal.

There have been so many improvements in Price since I have moved here. There are more side walks, stop signs and stores. I know I have come a long way and still have further to go. I think that it is ironic that since I graduated with an associates of arts that I was wearing all black. To me big black dresses represent mourning. I celebrated my mourning, and the many past challenges I have conquered. For me to graduate would not have come if it had not been for the angels who supported me and my family through the years. I have several of them; some who gave me inspiration, rides, smiles, patience, child care and many other means.

I just wanted people to know how many helpful angels there are in Price.

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