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Olympic auction benefits organization

Staff reporter

Olympic memories live on through official merchandise. Numerous banners and posters displayed across Carbon County are currently on display as part of a silent auction being conducted at the Price City Hall. The silent auction will continue until May 1. Proceeds from the event will benefit the local women's shelter and Price city.

The Olympics have come and gone. The banners and posters that graced Carbon County in support of the event will be auctioned off to the public.

Residents may bid for the merchandise, including banners, posters, pins and hats, in a silent auction at Price City Hall. The auction will run through May 1.

Top bidders will not only receive the items, but also the satisfaction of knowing that the proceeds will go to a worthy cause.

The county donated its Olympic items to the local women's shelter. The money raised by the auction will support the numerous needs of that organization.

Colleen Quigley Women's Shelter is a non-profit organization that specializes in aiding women and families who suffer from domestic abuse. The shelter not only provides a safe residence, but the staff members also counsel families searching for help and support.

The shelter has been operating in Carbon County since the 1970s. The facility has become known to residents across the county as a safe haven to anyone who needs an escape from domestic abuse.

The shelter is manned 24 hours a day and never turns anyone away who needs help. Last year, the facility housed 91 county residents. In addition, 178 residents were aided by the organization, but not sheltered.

The facility also provides a 24-hour crisis hotline. By calling, people can receive information about how to escape an abusive relationship or how to find help in mending the situation. Last year, the shelter received 228 crisis calls.

Money raised by the auction will help fund the organization and purchase supplies. Besides monetary contributions, the shelter also accepts supply donations. Useful items include pots and pans, silverware, dishes and personal hygiene supplies. The items are often sent with families when they leave the shelter to make a new start. The shelter tries to provide as many necessities as possible to families.

Women and children frequently enter the shelter for a brief stay and have no night clothes. The shelter tries to provide the clothing for the visitors, but currently the supply is low.

Residents interested in making donations may contact the shelter at 636-2375 for information.

Individuals interested in participating in the Olympic auction may stop by the city hall. The items are on display and bids may be made during business hours.

The Olympic merchandise offered by Price City will collect revenues for community projects throughout the year.

Along with the auction, Olympic volunteers from the Carbon County area have memories to share of the events. Residents interested in participating in a pin exchange may contact Colleen Quigley at 637-0489.

If there is enough interest in the event, the exchange will be conducted April 29, depending on the response.

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