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Carbon clinches region 8 title against Lehi

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Carbon Highs' Chase Julian safely slides into first base despite Lehi's first basemans' best attempt to take him out.

The last home game of the season turned out great for the Dinos, who played hard and came up with another victory, bringing their winning streak to 10 games in a row.

This latest game brings them to an incredible 14-5 so far this season. Carbon is still number one in the region, undefeated at 7-0, not so closely followed by Lehi, and number two in 3A rankings. Carbon is still right behind Bear River who is at 13-3 so far this year with just two games to go in the season.

Just like with the last time Carbon went up against Lehi, Carbon has ended the game with a defeat. Their last game against Lehi was also a close one, but the Dinos ended it with a win with a one point lead of 5-4.

Neither Carbon nor Lehi scored in the first inning, but Carbon jumped ahead in the second with a quick run home. Lehi, stayed behind with no points earned in the second. Lehi is just 10-7 this season, not leaving much hope that they would take home the region 8 title for the third year in a row.

The third inning was also dominated by Carbon High, who scored another point, and jumped to 2-0. In the fourth inning, both teams scored one run each bringing Carbon to 3-1 at the bottom of the fourth.

The fifth inning turned out great for Lehi, who scored three runs, bringing them in the lead with 4-3, but Carbon and it's fans knew they wouldn't be ahead for long. Carbon went out into the fifth strong and scored another two runs, taking back their lead of 4-5.

Carbon went out in the sixth inning and completed two more impressive runs, toppling Lehi who had scored just one point in the sixth. The seventh inning was equally impressive for Lehi, who came out determined to score, but couldn't quite make it, ending the game at 5-7.

Both Carbon and Lehi made a total of seven hits, but Carbon worked hard and brought all seven runners home when Lehi only brought five runners home, ending the game at 7-5.

Carbon Highs' Tyler Nelson scored a homer in the fifth and a double in the sixth. Nelson also had four RBI's in the game helping Carbon take the region 8 title.

Carbon High Baseballs' final home game turned out great for them, and stands were packed with eager fans as Carbon prepared to go up against Lehi again and come home with region 8 in the palm of their hand.

Carbons last game of the regular season is today in North Sanpete. This should be an easy match-up for Carbon, who easily defeated North Sanpete High the last time they went up against them, with a 15-1 win. North Sanpete is currently last in region 8.

Carbon has only finished the season without being number one in the region once in the last five years. This was in 2002, and Carbon High School is guaranteed to finish the season first in region this year for the third year in a row.

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