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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

Spring has arrived in Carbon County. I always enjoy watching the transition of life. The trees take their turns at introducing color back into our world. Going from what looks like barely living one day to bursting in to startling arrays of greens, pinks, whites and yellows overnight. I start checking my garden plants as soon as the snow begins to recede, looking for signs of life. Even the weeds look pretty this time of year. So now we have shifted the snow shovel to its summer job. It works great as a big dustpan for cleaning the garage. We fired up the lawn mower and hooked up the hoses and are ready to keep up the green. Living in a desert means that takes water.

All of us have been watching the weather all winter. We have been going through an extended drought period and our water supply was looking scary by the end of last summer. The first big snow storm of the season had people asking if the drought was over. With each storm the question began to turn into a statement. So now we are out of crisis. Or are we?

I hope we remember that one good year does not fix things. What will next year bring? We cannot afford to waste the water we have. I hope we all can use good water use habits even if we are in a good situation for water this year. Spring is the time to start thinking about conserving, not at the end of the summer.

I have been trying to decrease our water consumption over the past several years. We have been reducing the size of our back yard and replacing it with shrubs, mulch and trees. Our front yard is xeriscaped and we have installed a drip irrigation for our plants. It is actually less trouble and work to take care of now.

Enjoy the spring and welcome back the green to our community. Just don't go crazy. We need to think about water as a precious commodity no matter how great the winter was.

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