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Letter to the Editor: Need bully policy



How many citizens in Carbon County realize that there is not district wide policy in place in our public schools against bullying?

Students who have nothing better to do are starting untrue rumors, spreading gossip, bullying, threatening to beat up other students, and they are making fun of other kids just because they are different.

What will it take for this county and community to realize that even though we are small, we are not above the laws and what is right?

I have good ideas of how to help but can not get any help on who to go to in order to implement these ideas.

We need three speakers for every school from K-12 twice a year. The topics of what bullying can cause (it causes kids to not only kill their bullies but innocent people as well), what gossiping and spreading rumors can do to the victim and what making fun of others can cause. These things can make others feel so low that they kill themselves and leave behind trails of many tears and sorrow.

My idea for a class for those students and only those who are have conflict is simple: They take a class and in order to pass class students who are having conflict must be taught how to deal with conflict and they have to find a solution to their conflict that is healthy and helpful for them, the school, and the parents. They need to discuss why they are having this conflict. It would be nice if at least one parent went to this class not to put blame on any student involved but more as a help to all students to find solutions to conflict.

We have to remember that these are the same children that are going to be in charge when we are old, and as a parent that is a scary thought.

If a student refused the class they would have consequences such as staying after school, cleaning bathrooms with toothbrushes, writing a 10-20 page paper on the cause and effect of bullying, gossip, rumors, etc.

I as a parent believe that we waste too much time sending kids to the courts most of this can and should be handled at the school level. DCSF does not even need to be involved.

I firmly believe as parents we need to start helping the school by giving them ideas on how to help our kids. Not all kids who make bad choices need court or DCSF. They need parental involvement at the school level. The school can only do so much, and they do try.

This letter is by no means meant to point any fingers at any one person or group.

This problem just needs a solution.

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