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Kollar deployed to Afghanistan

Staff Sgt. Richard Kollar will serve in Afghanistan in a joint task force.

United States Army Staff Sgt. Richard T. Kollar is deploying to Afghanistan to serve as a member of Combined Joint Task Force-76 (CJTF-76). The soldier is regularly assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade based at Caserma Ederle, Vicenza, Italy.

CJTF-76 is a combined and joint rotation unit supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Kollar will join other units that comprise CJTF-76 to help the Afghan people continue their progress to a free society.

Mission objectives of the combined joint task force include establishing security, defeating Al-Quaida and Taliban forces and deterring the re-emergence of terrorism in Afghanistan. Military leaders say soldiers are committed to staying the course in Afghanistan and standing firm with the Afghan people against forces actively working to prevent the establishment of a stable and secure environment.

Kollar is recognized for his skill with a Sigholtz award. The annual award recognizes a non-commissioned officer showing marksmanship and physical and mental toughness.

Soldiers competing for the awards completed a 10-mile march, an Army physical fitness test, weapons qualifications and a board test administered by four command sergeant majors and one first major.

Kollar is the first non-infantry soldier to attain the award.

A medic with seven years of military service, Kollar is the son of Cyndi and stepson of Danny Brotherson of Price.

His wife, Wendy is the daughter of David Kobe of Spring Glen and Delinda Kobe of Price.

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