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Carbon High softball team easily defeats Emery Spartans

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Jacob Perez runs the 110 hurdles during a recent meet.

Carbon Highs' last two Lady Dinos softball games have turned out great for Carbon High. The Dinos won the April 14 game against Emery 4-14 and the April 12 game at North Sanpete 9-8.

The game against the Emery High Spartans turned out good for Carbon, who won the game by 10 points. Carbon started off with three points in the first inning. Emery, not doing as good as Carbon, didn't score any points in the first three innings.

Carbon also scored a total of eight more points in the second and third innings, giving them a demanding lead against the Spartans' lack of points. Emery scored their first point in the fourth inning, but the difference was too great for the Spartans to pull themselves out of a loss.

A highlight from the game was Carbons' three doubles from Morgan Warburton, Lacey Timothy and Jenni Jones. Morgan Warburton also made a triple and a home run for the Dinos.

The latest game against the Emery Spartans made fans of Carbon High even prouder. Emery High is currently number three in the region, while Carbon is right behind them at number four.

The last game between the rivals was a great disappointment for the Dinos, who lost by one point. It was an incredibly close game for the Dinos and Spartans, but scoring three points in the sixth, the Spartans jumped ahead of the Dinos by one point. In the final inning, neither team scored any points, ending the game at 6-7 Emery.

The North Sanpete game started out slow for Carbon, not scoring any points in the first two innings. The Hawks, number two in the region, did a lot better by scoring five points in the first inning, and then slowing down to no points in the second.

Carbon high quickly turned it around in the third inning, scoring six points. North Sanpete scored one in the third, bringing the game to a tie at 6-6 at the end of the third inning.

Carbon didn't score any points in the fourth, fifth and sixth innings. The Hawks stayed ahead by scoring one in the fourth inning and one in the sixth inning, bringing the score to 8-6, North Sanpete ahead.

Quickly pulling themselves out of a loss, Carbon Highs' Dinos scored three runs in the seventh. Carbon also had two triples courtesy of Maquette Potts and Erica Potts, but Carbon's Morgan Warburton won the game for the Dinos with her two-RBI single in the top of the seventh inning.

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