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Carbon High Soccer kicks off winning streak

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Cameron Butler slides past a Grand team member to kick the ball away from Carbons' goal.

With over a month until the end of the season, Carbon High Schools' soccer team still has time to move up in region. The Dinos are currently at number three in the region. Winning the last game against Grand, Carbon was ready to make a great showing at their next game against them, winning the game 3-9.

Carbon High Dinos currently have a winning streak of three wins and one tie for their last four games, bringing them to third in the region.

The game against Grand worked out good for Carbon High, who had a demanding lead against them from the beginning. The Dinos scored quickly in the beginning of the first, signaling what was to be a high scoring game for Carbon. Ending the first with five points, Carbons' lead on Grand was a demanding one. Carbon then scored another four points in the second, adding one more win for the Dinos.

Carbon seniors Taylor Dastrup and Todd Palmer made a great showing for the Dinos at the game against Grand, Dastrup scoring three goals, and Palmer scoring two. Also scoring against Grand for the Carbon team was Michael Jenson, Kevin Bunnell, and Nick Teny. Carbon High goalie, Jacob Denison, did an impressive job of goalkeeping against Grand, keeping them from scoring many goals.

Carbon High Schools' soccer team also won the game against North Sanpete on April 8. The Hawks made it tough for Carbon, who were tied at 1-1 in the second, going into overtime, the Dinos managed to score the winning goal. Winning the game 2-1, Carbon prepared itself for the upcoming Lehi game on April 13.

Lehi, number one in the region, is a tough competitor to any team. With five wins, one tie and no losses within the region under them before their game against Carbon, Lehi is doing great this season, but the Dinos were not about to let them win easily. Starting strong in the first, Lehi scored one goal, and their excellent defense prevented Carbon from scoring. The second was different for the Dinos, who scored one bringing Carbon and Lehi to a tie. Unable to break the tie in two overtimes, the game ended 1-1.

The next game scheduled for the Dinos is on April 20 against Delta High Schools' Red Devils. Delta High School is number two in the region, currently having four region wins and two losses, and the Red Devils might present a tough game for the Dinos. The last game against Delta on March 16, was a tough loss for Carbon, who lost by one goal toward the end of the second.

With over a month since last competing against them, Carbon has had plenty of time to prepare for the game against Delta.

Carbon High School is currently doing great this season. With three wins, three losses and one tie in the region, they are number three behind Lehi and Delta. In state, the Dinos have six wins, seven losses, and only one tie, making them a tough competitor for most other high school teams.

The next game for the Dinos is on April 20 against Delta. The last game the Dinos played against Delta didn't turn out quite the way they wanted, with a loss of one point, 3-4. With three wins since that game, Carbon should be ready to go up against Delta, and bring home another win.

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