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Carbon High Dinos preparing for Spartans, playoffs

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Avoiding being tagged by an opposing team member, Morgan Warburton slides onto base.

Losing against Lehi, 3-0, the pressure builds with less than a month until first round playoffs begin, but the Dinos keep working hard to be in the best shape possible.

Starting out the season great, Carbon High is warming up to make a great showing in the playoffs, which are scheduled to start on May 7.

Carbon High school choir teacher and head coach of the softball team, Tony Pinedo, has plenty of confidence in the team, and believes that they will have no problem defeating their opponents in the upcoming games if they play as well as they have in the past few games. "What I've told the girls is that all I ask of them is to go out and play really hard, good things will happen, said Coach Pinedo.

The Dinos are currently doing great this season. Fourth in the region, Carbon is 1-2 in region and 8-5 overall.

Their last game versus Lehi was a tough one, Lehi being a tough contender for any school, currently ranked third in the state and first in the region. It turned out to be a good game for both teams, but didn't quite pan out for Carbon High, who lost 3-0. Tied at nothing until the third inning, Lehi scored once and went on 1-0 until the top of the seventh, where they scored two more runs, which gave them the win. Both teams had six hits, but Lehi scored with runners on base.

With Lacey Timothy, a senior at Carbon High, who had a great game pitching for the Dinos, and some great defense from the Carbon team it was an excellent game for Carbon High. "If we play that well against all the other teams in our region, we will win those games," said Coach Pinedo.

On April 12, Carbon High is heading to North Sanpete for the first of two games against the team. Having already won four games this season, North Sanpete may turn out to be a tough game for the Dinos, North Sanpete being third in the region. Carbon will also be playing North Sanpete again on April 28, which should be a excellent game for Carbon.

Still reeling from their last game against Emery on March 22, a terrible loss for the Dinos, Carbon is preparing to go up against them once again this week on April 14. With Emery currently third in the region, and the last game between Carbon and Emery being such a close game, barely losing by one point, Carbon played extremely hard but didn't quite win.

With only one day between the Lehi game and the Emery game, Carbon will not have much time to rest, but is confident in their defeat over their long time rival. Well known for the bad blood between the Emery Spartans and themselves, Carbon is prepared to take back their pride by winning the upcoming game.

Having the home game advantage, the Dinos should have plenty of fans out to support them. The baseball team, faculty, parents, and many others showed up to support the team at the Lehi game on April 7.

With a great team for the 2005 year, the Dinos will be losing some outstanding athletes at the end of the year who are seniors, including Morgan Warburton, Whitney Montoya, Lacey Timothy, Maquette Potts, Dusty Wilder, and Halee Rasmussen. "Our senior class has been awesome," said Coach Pinedo.

In their place, several great freshmen players have been added to the team. The Carbon team only has two sophomores on it, but the junior class is great. With them, next season is certain be a good one.

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