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Letter to the Editor: Protect American jobs



The Biggest threat to U.S. Sovereignty at the present time is the Bush Administration's attempt to lock the United States into a 34-nation Western Hemisphere economic union called the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA). This plan is to be implemented by first rushing CAFTA (U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement) through Congress early in 2005.

FTAA and CAFTA would subject U.S. sovereignty and commerce to panels and tribunals dominated by other Western Hemisphere countries. President George W. Bush approved this goal when he signed the Declaration of Quebec City on April 22, 2001, which is a "commitment to hemispheric integration" larded with favorite UN double talk such as "interdependent," "greater economic integration" and "sustainable development."

The United States is an oasis of freedom and prosperity in the Western Hemisphere, that's why people from other countries are risking their lives to come here, legally or illegally. Americans have everything to lose if we subject ourselves to tribunals dominated by the socialist pro-gay country to our north and the corrupt and Communist governments to our south. The real purpose behind FTAA and CAFTA is to integrate low-wage workers in other Western Hemisphere countries into the U.S. economy. This will make U.S. citizens compete with millions of workers willing to work for pennies a day.

Tell the members of Congress that you consider a vote for CAFTA or FTAA to be a vote against America, against our sovereignty and independence, and against jobs for U.S. Citizens.

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