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The importance of input in decisions

Sun Advocate publisher

Apathy at the public level concerning government decisions and elections has always been a problem but it seems to be at an all time high. Too often I hear the comment that "my opinion doesn't matter, " or "why should I vote it doesn't really make a difference."

Anyone that followed the last general election should realize the importance of each vote. In Florida where in many instances the precinct decisions where less than 100 votes changed which way the district went, the election could have easily been turned on a few more people going to the polls..

Recently the Board of Utah State Parks and Recreation made a decision that Millsite State Park was targeted to be closed.

I had planned on writing this editorial last week when I ran across a copy of a letter sent to parks department as well as our area representatives from Kathy Hanna-Smith, director of the Carbon County Travel Bureau.

In the meantime the Board removed Millsite as a park on the closure list and announced in today's Emery County Progress that it will remain open. The news story reported that when asked about what led to the decision to have Millside remain open as a state park, the quote from the local manager, showed where the change came from.

"I think it had a lot to do with the large turnout at the public meeting in Ferron and for the overwhelming support of the Mayor and officials...."

Smith's letter, along with comments from Emery County residents and officials clearly pointed out that Millsite is used not only by just locals but statewide and more.

"Believe me," said Smith, " I know of the interest in this park. We take hundreds of calls each year asking about the park."

Her comments continued.

"The tourism inventory that we have to promote in this area is fabulous but we are limited on resources of attractions. To close the Millsite Park would affect the local economy such as the Millsite Golf Course, local businesses in the two county area, and could possibly result in closure of businesses..."

In the announcement today the entire story made references to public input and support of the area.

I applaud the parks board for their decision to reconsider the closure and want to thank all those who wrote letters or e-mails the Parks commissioner and all the others who came forth and commented at the public hearing. This is how the public process should work in our country.

Your voices are being heard and one voice can and does make a difference.

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