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Mont Harmon Jr students gain some perspectives on life at Reality Town

Billy White, Colton Martinez and Amber Logan prepare to balance their check registries at the end of the activity with Ellie Jones and Scott Merrell. The balanced registries and their experiences will be used in follow-up assignments they will complete with their teachers in the classroom.

A few weeks ago, members of Carbon High School's FBLA hosted a "Reality Town" for Helper Jr High. Yesterday, March 23, they repeated the exercise for students at Mont Harmon Jr High.

The event was the culminating activity as part of a project spearheaded by Vanessa Smith, Anna Gramlich and Kellie Peczuh. The idea was adapted from another project their advisor, Terri Tubbs had heard about at a conference she attended.

Reality Town allowed eighth and ninth grade students to discover some of the decisions and experiences of life as an adult.

Students must budget their money and go to a variety of stations, where they have to pay for services such as transportation, housing, day care, medical expenses and groceries.

The activity is expanded to include classroom curriculum in a variety of disciplines.

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