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Remember them before they are gone

Sun Advocate staff reporter

This past week, country singer and songwriter, Chris LeDoux passed away.

Although not a main stream country singer, the guy had talent and was a true original. Maybe that's why we seldom heard his music played on the radio.

It just amazes me though that now that he has died, the world seems to embrace him for the artist and the man that he was. So often in life people are not recognized for what they achieved, yet upon their death, they gain it. Why does it take dying to get the recognition one deserves?

This happens all too often. We go through our everyday life without expressing to those who are close to us how we truly feel about them. Once someone dies it seems that many who are left behind feel the pain of never letting their true feelings known.

That is why I make it a priority to tell my husband and my kids that I love them every day. Although I'm sure they're aware of this without me having to tell them, I feel better knowing that they understand my feelings.

I also try to give others the recognition that they deserve. Although I fail to do this sometimes, I believe that it is important to let a loved one know when they have done a good job or that they are just a good person.

This way I won't regret what I can't fix after it's too late.

Don't go throughout life without telling someone that you care. You never know when your chance to do so might slip away forever.

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