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Letter to the Editor: Believing in labels



Seymour Hersh, award-winning, investigative journalist asked, in his poignant address at the Salt Lake City Main Library recently, "How did these people take over our government, and so easily?"

That is a question every American should be asking, and Utahns should be very concerned that we gave our vote, in the 2004 elections, to a runaway, renegade administration, which seems to have no regard for the rights of other nations.

How did these people take over? That can be explained, largely, by America's expertise in the psychology of advertising, and its citizens' blind belief in labels. It is very much about the failure to properly investigate the contents of a package. There is no question that, if a package says "Potato Chips," a good marketer can sell bags of "cow chips." The scary thing is that those who tear open those bags will think they are tasting what was shown on the label. In the same way, if a shirt is labeled with a fashionable, designer brand, trendy people will buy it. It may be ugly and itch like the hair-shirt of a monk, but the label will make the sale.

Americans have been sold a label, yet many do not notice the inconsistencies. What was that label? "Christian Values." But, inside the package is the awful reality. We all need to concentrate on tasting the contents. We need to ask ourselves if the killing of 100,000 innocent civilians, the invasion of a country to force our ideas on its people, and the predictable, incessant lying of our leaders, tastes like the "Christian Values" label that put these people into office.

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