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Letter to the Editor: Gas prices down

East Carbon


In the Thursday, Feb. 17, issue of the Sun Advocate, there was an article about gas prices increasing. I would guess the person who wrote the article has never left the office or home.

I am a person who travels across the United States and extensively in Utah. I beg to differ with the person because he or she is out in left field somewhere.

Having paid $171.9 for gas in Salt Lake on Feb. 18 and $165.9 in Ogden on Feb. 10, I would think that prices have gone down a lot since Jan. 1. Prior to then the prices were in the $1.80s in the same towns. So if they are lower, that tells me they have gone down.

I have seen the same in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Please ask your contributors to quit reading internet sites that just give off anything to cause argument and to start researching their information.

Enough said.

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