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Dino soccer teams continues to search for first season victory

Sports writer

As the season progresses, so does the skills of the Dino soccer team. Although the team has yet to win a game this season, success has come in other aspects of the game. The ball handling skills alone have turned from night to day for the Dinos.

The Carbon High soccer teams continues to struggle to capture that much desired first victory of the season. As the season rapidly nears an end, it seems as if the chance of victory also seems to fade into the wind. This fact however does not sway the Dinos to give up, in fact, the team seems to be putting their best effort forward to achieve a successful season.

The most recent endeavor for the Dinos came last Friday as the team traveled to Delta to take on the Rabbits. What was a cold and stormy game turned out to be just as dark and gloomy for the Dinos as the weather was.

The Dinos struggled against the region eight team as the Rabbits issued the latest in a series of losses for the Carbon team by the score of 14-0.

Although the Dinos failed to score a goal in the game, the team held on tight until the bitter end. Determination is the fuel that fires up this Dino team.

Despite allowing the Rabbits to score 14 goals, the Dinos did succeed at controling the ball on several runs at the goal. Even though the runs did not turn out successful, the Dinos did prove that they have the heart of a championship team.

The Dinos biggest flaw seems to be the lack of experience. The team is young and filled with players that have never played soccer before. The Dinos have had a season full of learning, which looks to be quite successful. The team has come a long ways since the beginning of the season in which the Dinos struggled to keep possession of the ball. Recently, the Dinos have had solid games that prove how far the team has come this season.

With only two games remaining this season, the Dinos will continue to search for their first victory of the season. If players return next season to compete, the Dinos stand a good chance at sweeping the competition. After a season of learning, the Dinos will be an experienced team ready for battle next year.

Although the Dinos chances at a championship season have been lost, the team will continue to improve and have fun. Winning is not always everything, and for this Dino team, the experience and excitement have been worth the journey.

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