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I always get a little sad this time of year, because my biological clock says that it's almost time for basketball season to end. I must have set it years ago when "seasons" in sport made sense.

About the only sports programs that seem logical to me anymore are the high schools. True, basketball players attend camps all year round and there are summer leagues, but still their season begins in the winter weather (November) and ends in the winter (February, early March) as it should.

The worst case scenario for schedules in basketball are the pros. I guess it only makes sense that with all the money players are getting paid in the NBA they should work longer schedules, but I have a hard time with the NBA Finals going into the middle of June, particularly when the preseason begins in October. And then there are the summer leagues, which in some places have become as important as the season.

As for college basketball, they have to quit in March or they couldn't use their big marketing tool, March Madness anymore. I guess they could name it April Foolishness or May Mayhem, but they have at least chosen to end the whole thing in early spring.

I guess I am just a little old fashioned, but by the time the pros reach their quarter final rounds, I am already out with my backpack hiking or watching someone swing a bat. I hate to say it, but it was almost refreshing not to have the Jazz in the playoffs last year, because I felt free of any obligation to watch all those guys running around in long baggy shorts making more money than I can imagine.

But you know what, by the time early November comes I'll be ready to see the bouncing ball all over again.

I guess the clock is still ticking.

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