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Letter to the Editor: be very afraid



People should be afraid, be very afraid; not of Highway 6, not of a mine disaster, not even of Osama. But of the new DCFS.

When and how did we allow this government agency to take control, not only of our lives, but also of the juvenile courts. Innocent until proven guilty does not mean anything when dealing with this agency. Serving time for crimes is also not enough for it. DCFS wants everything to follow the agencies plans, no matter how the story is to be told. DCFS always right.

I know there are a lot of kids who need help from DCFS. Kids who no one cares for. Kids who might even die without DCFS. The agency should spend its time helping them, not the ones who are safe, loved and taken care of.

I hope the people that run DCFS can sleep at night. I also hope the rest of us can sleep too.

Some good advice might be to sleep with one eye open, because DCFS might want your kids next.

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