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Letter to the Editor: Pay attention



I just witnessed an accident below the Consumers turnoff. A car headed southbound hit a deer and went out of control spinning around and ending up northbound. I was northbound along with other vehicles not too far from that car when this happened. You could see his lights spinning and the smoke from his tires, I could hear the skidding sound. I could not believe when the three other cars near me passed me totally oblivious to what had happened. I turned around and pulled over to see if the driver was injured and put my emergency flashers on. He seemed alright so I thought I had better go up the road to warn traffic that there was something in the road.

In doing so I was well ahead of the accident with the flashers on and I was laying on my horn and flashing my lights to warn others. I counldn't believe that no one touched a brake to slow down. They all flew around me like I was a nuisance. Nine cars and one truck hit the deer, went into the center lane and had to swerve to avoid hitting the wrecked car. The tenth car hit the deer, went out of control and hit the person's vehicle that had stopped to help.

I'm not saying an accident can't happen to any one of us, but is it an accident when drivers pass a vehicle with flashers and a Blazer with a swirling yellow emergency lights and don't even slow down? What the hell are you looking at? A huge deer is in the road, there are brake lights all over and you're not curious as to why?

I think this is the exact reason why we can print all the "pray for me" bumper stickers we want and we can make the canyon a 10 lane super highway, but until we slow down and pay attention to what we're doing, and stop taking stupid chances in our vehicles, nothing will every change.

If you see brake lights, flashers, police lights, please slow down.

OK, I feel better now!

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