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CEU's Lady Eagles Dominated by Csi's Women's Team

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CEU's Jana Glover defends against CSI's Cheryl Blazzard, who looks for an open teammate during Saturday's game at the BDAC.

College of Southern Idaho's women's basketball team annihilated College of Eastern Utah's Lady Eagles this weekend, winning 89-62 on Friday and 71-31 on Saturday.

CEU attempted 69 field goals on Friday but put just 21 through the net, compared to CSI making 32 of 71 attempted shots, for an average of 44 percent.

On Saturday, the average dropped for CEU. Making 14 of 69 attempted field goals, CEU was unable to perform at the level of their opponents, who sank 29 of 70 attempts, averaging 41 percent.

"We shot 30 percent from the field on Friday and only 20 percent on Saturday. You can't win unless you shoot closer to 40 percent," commented Dave Paur, head coach of the CEU women.

Ending the half Friday down by 22, CEU came back strong in the second half. However, giving up 36 points and making 31 of their own, they were unable to make a dent in CSI's lead.

CEU's high scorers for the game included Janeen Nelson with 14 points and Jana Glover with 10. Nelson also made one assist and a steal. Glover made three assists. Veva Whitear made three assists and four steals.

Unfortunately for CEU's Lady Eagles, CSI's 6-foot-5-inch Lenka Zimova dominated the game with 19 points, averaging 73 percent from the field and 75 percent from the line. Zimova also rebounded 7 balls, made one assist and a block, while teammate Isabell Nakeya made four assists and three steals.

After Friday's crippling defeat, CEU buckled under a dominating offense and a strong defense on Saturday. Down by 21 at the half, Eastern Utah was unable to counter their opponents in the second half, and the game continued with CSI increasing their lead an additional 17 points.

Southern Idaho's Sidney Orndoff led the game, scoring on 15 points, shooting 63 percent from the field and making all four foul shots attempted.

Glover made seven points as CEU's scoring leader, but was outscored by two more of CSI's offense, Joanna Hixon with 13 points and Lenka with 10.

Glover averaged 30 percent from the field and 50 percent from the line, followed by Krislyn Wallace with six points, averaging 27 percent from the field, and making four rebounds. Veva Whitear and Brook Wilson both contributed with two assists and two steals, while Wilson made CEU's only block. Cassidy Dawes and Marcy Loveless also made two steals each.

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