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Letter to the Editor: Paper ignores the truth



It is my opinion and belief that the purpose of the press is not only to report fair and balanced news but to also insure our government remains honest and fair with the citizens of our fine country. However it is apparent based on the flagrant and rampant usurpations placed on families and youth of this community, that the newspaper is derelict in its duties as Americans.

We have approached the paper several times and they still turn their back on us. It seems they would print falsities instead of the truth to remain in good standing with the corrupt and out of control legal system in this area. And though children are dying and being maimed the paper callously disregards the cries of the public.

Though the fathers and founders of this country sacrificed life and limb in order to form a more perfect union, it would appear that in this area it was all in vain for the constitution and laws that govern the rest of our fine country appears to be just a small burden easily pushed aside in order to accommodate money and the corruption that runs rampant in Carbon and Emery Counties. I'm sure that our forefathers would surely turn with disgrace in their graves over what has taken place.

It is my intent and duty as an American and patriot to inform the rest of our fine country of this papers callous disregard for the truth and rights of American citizens.

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