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Letter to the Editor: Judicial system doesn't protect fathers



We hear it all too often among fathers who try to exercise and protect their parental rights with their children; judges and commissioners failing to enforce their own signed court orders when interfering and alienating mothers fail to abide by and are brought before the court in violation of those orders.

This scenario leaves many fathers with costly attorney bills, lost visitation, continued non-access to their children, mistrust of the judicial system and desperation. Many out of frustration will ask why judges and commissioners approve these orders if they knowingly will not enforce sanctions when the orders are blatantly disregarded by the opposing party. Instead of answers and imposed sanctions for relief, fathers will be told they must first go through a costly and time consuming process involving a Guardian Ad Litem, mediation, or worse, a custody evaluation, (often at the father's expense), before the court will address the violation of orders already committed by a non-cooperative mother.

When judges and commissioners fail in their responsibility to support their own orders in a timely manner, they not only harm and jeopardize the relationship between the child and father, but also allow, and enable, the offending mother to continue in a campaign of parental alienation and mockery of our judicial system without repercussion.

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