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Dino tennis team hosts competative Pioneers

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In a highly competative match up on Tuesday, Ryne Vogel, along with his partner Kellen Spillman fought a tough fight against a doubles team from Lehi. The Carbon team played strong despite losing to Lehi 5-7, 3-6.

The talented Carbon High tennis team hit the courts Tuesday to host the Lehi Pioneers in an afternoon of exciting match ups. The Dinos competed in both singles and doubles matches and found themselves falling to the visiting region eight team, by the final score of 3-2.

In singles competition, the Dinos Matt King played strong and true to his form. King faced Lehi's Rhett Wathen who seemed to be frustrated playing against the talented King. The match up was quite one sided, with King defeating Wathen 6-0, 6-0.

Carbon's Joe Harber had a difficult match up against Lehi's Daniel Faulk. Harber, who has been strong this season, struggled against Faulk. The first set found Harber in control of the match by winning 6-3. The second set is when Harber found himself struggling to hold on to his lead.

The frustration was written across Harber's face as he continued to battle his Lehi opponent. By the end of the second set, Harber found himself behind Faulk, 3-6.

The third and final set was played to determine the winner of the Harber and Faulk match up. Harber who was now defeating himself with frustration, fell to Faulk 2-6, thus giving Harber his first loss of the season.

The third and final singles match was contested by Carbon's Andrew Christensen who usually plays in doubles match ups. Christensen was called on by coach Kurt King to step up and compete in place of Bo Christensen who was not able to compete.

During his first ever singles match, Christensen showed determination. Unfortunately, the match up did not prove to be successful to Christensen who fell to his Lehi opponent, 2-6, 0-6.

The doubles match ups were highly competative. The first set pitted Kellen Spillman and Ryne Vogel against a strong Pioneer team. Although the competition was fierce, the Dinos held on to give a great showing on the court. The Dino team fell to Lehi 5-7, 3-6.

During the doubles match up, Spillman shared his frustration with coach King by explaining "they are tough." Although the Dino team was feeling frustrated, they did not give up. In fact, both Spillman and Vogel put all they had into the game, therefore making the duo a success.

In the final doubles match up, Sean Watkins and Neal Maynes faced off against a competative Lehi team. Although the Pioneer team was tough, the Dino team was tougher.

Maynes and Watkins split the first two sets with the Pioneers, 7-2, 2-6, therefore leaving the third set to determine the winner of the match up. The results were not favorable to the Dinos who lost the third set 6-4. The loss dropped the Dinos to a 3-2 final in favor of the Pioneers.

The Dinos will return to competition on their home court April 24 as they take on Uintah.

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