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Letter to the Editor: Training is not the answer



I am responding to the letter in the Tuesday, Jan. 4 issue of the Sun Advocate titled "Maybe test would help".

I am Debbie Pappas, the rehabilitator over Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation. I just wanted to say that a test as suggested in the letter would not help this situation. These actions are taken by cowards. These people have no regard for wildlife or anything weaker than they. Educating them about endangered animals or taking a test will not change their ethics. These people are not hunters or sportsmen. They are just as Mr. Wheeler put it, "dastardly people" and I guarantee that they know the laws and know exactly what they're shooting at. They just don't care.

This is not the first animal that I have had in rehabilitation that has been shot or poisoned and unfortunately, it won't be the last since these type of people pass their morals (or lack thereof) onto their children. Educating children about these issues does help (I believe), but the problem will continue and in rural areas, it is much worse than in other areas.

For the readers information, the hawk in the story that Mr. Wheeler wrote the letter about has had to put up with three surgeries to date and will have to have at least two more. She's less than a year old and already had to endure a great deal of pain and stress, all because of someone who doesn't respect life and the law.

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