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Poaching incident near East Carbon yields suspect

Felony charges are expected to be filed for the wanton destruction of a trophy buck mule deer on Dec. 27th near East Carbon.

Division of Wildlife Resources' officers received a complaint that afternoon from witnesses who provided information of the incident, which occurred near the East Carbon golf course. Wildlife officers wish to compliment the witnesses for their prompt reporting and detailed information.

A 48-year-old East Carbon man will most likely be charged with the illegal harvest of a trophy deer, a crime which was elevated to felony status several years ago by the Utah legislature. The defendant could face substantial fines and restitution as high as $8,000 for this offense.

In the next few months, large bucks will be vulnerable to poachers. The cold and snow drive them to lower ranges, where they can be seen and targeted by unethical hunters.

The DWR urges anyone with information about the illegal harvest of any wildlife species to call the Help Stop Poaching Hotline at 1-800-662-DEER or Price Dispatch at: 637-0893. The informant's identity may be held in confidentiality or remain anonymous.

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