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Letter to the Editor: can America survive another four years?



What criteria did Time use for it's selection of George W. Bush as person of the year? Let me guess.

Was it the fact that Bush is responsible for the totally unnecessary and untimely deaths of 1000s of young American military in his unjustified, never ending, mission impossible Iraq war? If it wasn't for Bush all these men would be alive today.

Or was it for the 1000's of wounded, crippled American military in military hospitals? Or was it for the the never ending anguish he has caused for the families of all these dead and crippled?

Or was it for causing the deaths of 1000s of Iraqi civilians by American bombs trying to wipe out the insurgents/terrorists created by Bush's war who are violently opposed to American occupation of their country. Wouldn't we feel the same way if Iraq invaded America?

Or was it for Bush creating a monetary deficit of over $500 billion dollars, the highest ever in the history of the U.S.A.? Or was it for Bush opening our borders to the widespread invasion of illegal aliens to benefit his millionaire friends by them not having to pay illegals minimum wages?

Or was it for Bush opening our forests and BLM lands to total rape and increasing pollution by his mining/lumber corporate buddies? Or was it for Bush's plan to privatize Social Security to further enrich his corporate friends? Or was it for his increasing costs and lowering health care benefits tor the elderly which they can ill afford?

Folks, we've got our priorities and morality all twisted around in the worst way! I only hope America can survive another four years of Bushism?

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